Aswath Damodaran is a Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business at New York University.

He is the author of “Investment Valuation” and many times awarded teacher fascinated by finance & markets.

He has received his MBA and Ph.D degrees from the University of California at Los Angeles. His research interests lie in valuation, portfolio management and applied corporate finance. Aswath is teaching finance and valuation at the Stern School of Business at New York University.

Aswath Damodaran has written many books on valuation and corporate finance. And his blog, Musings on Markets, has been selected by the Times of London as one of the top ten stock market blogs in the world.

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How to combine social responsibility with running a profitable company?

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In this Futurebuilders podcast together with Aswath Damodaran and our daring host Teemu Uotila we will find out:

  • What should cryptocurrencies do in order to succeed?
  • Why 24/7 trading isn't necessarily a good thing?
  • Is the trend of corporate social responsibility mostly PR?
Podcast highlights
  • 1:00 About cryptocurrencies and why the current ones are so problematic – even destined to fail.
  • 8:47 When you can trade 24/7, you’re most often trading for emotional not intellectual reasons.
  • 11:26 About Larry Fink and BlackRock.
  • 17:42 Why Aswath thinks companies shouldn’t give out money to charities instead of giving it to their shareholders.
  • 20:02 Ownership is going to get even less democratic, the wealthiest are going to get wealthier and the poor even poorer.
  • 23:03 Poverty has been decreasing, but in fact mostly China and India have grown economically. World has less pure poverty and less hunger but also more people who are left behind and feel like the system is not fair to them.
  • 25:12 Aswath fears that when the Chinese economy enters recession it’s going to show it’s weaknesses. And that could lead not only to economical but also political unrest.
  • 26:57 Issues on universal basic income and why there should be a global consensus about it between countries.
  • 29:04 Markets are flexible mechanisms that have no egos. Experts and governments have egos and hate to admit being wrong.
  • 32:23 Advices for success Aswath gives to our listeners.
  • 33:32 Where to find out more about Aswath Damodaran and his thoughts.

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The future is here tomorrow.


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