Juha Peltoniemi is working as a director at CGI heading the digital platforms team. He has 25+ years of experience in working in international companies like AMD and Qualcomm. The responsibilities have covered engineering, new business development, sales and engineering management in both hardware and software industries.
The current focus on digital platforms is driven by the challenge of combining technology and business in new ways.

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How businesses can succeed on digital platforms?

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In this Futurebuilders podcast together with Juha Peltoniemi and our daring host Teemu Uotila we will find out:

  • What are digital ecosystems?
  • What are the key resources for the digital platform business?
  • What you need to know before starting your platform business?
Podcast highlights
  • 01:15 Juha, what is your background and how you joined CGI?
  • 02:57 What is the CGI Finland business platform as a concept?
  • 05:56 IoT business has a complete match with platform business
  • 07:32 How do you approach customers problems?
  • 09:45 What are the fears of your customers?
  • 11:42 Ebookers.com example of using user data
  • 13:39 The development of platforms and the whole purpose of platforms
  • 19:08 Business platforms consists three things
  • 20:40 How to get platforms going and what are the key things?
  • 30:12 What is the growth of platforms?
  • 35:19 How businesses can succeed on digital platforms?
  • 43:53 The most interesting platforms in the future?
  • 46:26 CGI toolbox for companies to get started with platforms
  • 47:04 What you need to think about before starting platform business?
  • 52:07 Where people can learn more about these topics?

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The future is here tomorrow.


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