Lauri Pyykkönen is the CEO of Golden Rainbow Oy. He helps people to improve their stress management skills and energy levels with sports and exercise. Lauri works mostly in Helsinki region in Finland. His slogan for life is: Make your every day a celebration.

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You are the treasure but do you understand it?

In this Futurebuilders podcast together with Lauri Pyykkönen and our daring host Teemu Uotila we will find out:

  • How much are we willing to sacrifice for work?
  • You are the treasure but do you understand it?
  • How to make everydaylife a celebration?
Podcast highlights
  • 5:25 About the benefits of having breaks during work days.
  • 9:26 Why do people overwork?
  • 10:45 If people wouldn’t have to work would they still have stress issues and low energy levels?
  • 13:28 About the positive aspects of stress – flow and motivation.
  • 14:46 How to recognise when it’s time to wind down?
  • 21:43 About social relations and the importance of meeting people face-to-face.
  • 29:28 About earning the trust of people.
  • 31:50 The importance of exercise and sports for physical and mental well-being.
  • 36:59 Are we getting enough rest in today’s world?
  • 40:29 Lauri’s methods to wind down in the evening.
  • 43:05 Time is money but also health is money. Sick days cost money.
  • 45:05 About planning the week ahead and time management.
  • 48:50 Stress management is always related to our situation and age in life.
  • 49:24 Nowadays work and private life are really mixed.
  • 53:33 The importance of routines.
  • 57:50 How would Lauri challenge us to improve our lives?
  • 1:02:29 About giving back and charity.
  • 1:08:12 Where to find out more about Lauri Pyykkönen and Golden Rainbow Oy.

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The future is here tomorrow.


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