Rene Amador is AR Evangelist in Hollywood, Filmmaker, CEO and Co-founder of ARwall.

ARwall creates augmented reality tools for filmmakers to kill green screen.

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How will stories be told in the future?

In this Futurebuilders podcast together with Rene Amador and our daring host Teemu Uotila we will find out:

  • How will augmented reality change filmmaking in the future?
  • What’s the role of AR for future generations?
  • How will stories be told in the future?
Podcast highlights
  • 3:37 How did a storyteller became expert of augmented reality?
  • 6:26 People are creative creatures, the challenge is to get them to express their creativity.
  • 8:18 What are the most interesting things happening in the field of AR right now?
  • 12:06 What will AR do to the traditional movie experience?
  • 16:06 How is Hollywood currently reacting to the possibilities of augmented reality?
  • 21:04 What will happen in the future at the field of AR?
  • 25:01 AR productivity tools are going to become customary in the future.

  • 25:55 Do people want to live in a world where the physical interfaces are gone?
  • 28:10 How AR will change advertising?
  • 33:01 Is there a generation gap on the adaptation of AR?
  • 38:27 Who carries the responsibility of AR content used in marketing? Are consumers going to be informed about why they get targeted advertising in the future?
  • 43:44 Will we see big digital rights movement in the future? Maybe even a global digital law?
  • 45:03 What will AR in film industry require from actors and directors?
  • 49:56 What does volume capture mean?
  • 51:19 How is the AR tool production funded?
  • 55:13 How can ARwall touch people outside movie industry in a individual level?
  • 58:03 What would you do with AR if there were no limitations?
  • 1:04:44 What does the future of ARwall look like?
  • 1:06:06 One tip for movie makers about how to get started with AR.
The future is here tomorrow. Listen to Futurebuilders’ podcast with Rene Amador today.

The future is here tomorrow.


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