Vasco Duarte is an agile coach and agile strategist who works with companies that want to transform from software development into product business organizations. Vasco worked in that kind of transformation at Avira, Nokia and F-Secure. He’s also the author of the controversial book #NoEstimates – how to measure project progress without estimates. Currently he is a Managing Partner at Oikosofy and podcast host of the “Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast.”

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What is the #NoEstimates philosophy all about?

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In this Futurebuilders podcast together with Vasco Duarte and our daring host Teemu Uotila we will find out:

  • How software can grow your business?
  • Designing more impactful approach to software project management?
  • How #NoEstimates can help you improve and transform software into a business growth factor?
Podcast highlights and show notes
  • 01:44 How Vasco got involved to software business and what was his first computer
  • 06:34 In the future, what is the next phase in software project management?
  • 09:26 Vasco explains what the #NoEstimates is all about
  • 11:31 How to estimate the value of the project that is not yet ready?
  • 12:52 Mistakes and problems in the Finland's Apotti healthcare project
  • 18:04 More about #NoEstimates philosophy
  • 22:04 Importance to regonize that software has become so big that it's starting to have social impact
  • 23:32 Why should goverments only do micro incremental funding with software projects
  • 25:28 Project budget separation between UI and UX is artificial
  • 27:39 If we look back 15 years, are people getting better evaluating their own competencies?
  • 29:51 Future of project teams, will physical teams be replaced by virtual teams?
  • 34:00 How do you educate yourself and learn stuff?
  • 37:02 What are the characteristics and features of the dream customer?
  • 39:58 Software is made to create massive amounts of value with small changes
  • 40:50 Outside of coaching, what do you do?
  • 42:51 Vasco believes that the way we change the world is thru actions and especially in business thru entrepreneurs
  • 44:15 You can contact Vasco in Twitter with @duarte_vasco or in LinkedIn. Read more about #NoEstimates book at

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The future is here tomorrow.


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