Dean Seddon | Maverrik

Founder, Director

Dean Seddon is founder and director of marketing and strategy consultancy Maverrik.

He is also a former TV executive, public speaker, strategist, marketer, mentor, social media personality and influencer.

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What does it take for businesses to succeed in the future?

In this Futurebuilders podcast together with Dean Seddon and our daring host Teemu Uotila we will find out:

  • What does it take for businesses to succeed in the future?
  • How can you be a happy millionaire?
  • What does growth of businesses require from individuals in the future?
Podcast highlights
  • 4:39 Vision and mission are your ”ten commandments” in the beginning of the business, but you might have to eventually challenge them.
  • 6:10 Can you force innovation?
  • 8:06 There is no point of being an unhappy millionaire.
  • 12:17 Social responsibility is going to be a big thing for businesses and their clients in the future.
  • 14:40 What is confirmation bias in social media and how it affects businesses?
  • 21:05 How do you define what is the edge factor that distinguish you from competitors?
  • 26:55 From rubber boots to mobile phones and IoT. Are companies willing to evolve or do they want to stick with what they started?
  • 35:20 How do you help organizations to tackle crises?
  • 39:18 It is not enough that you communicate about the changes in organizations but you have to make sure people understand what you are saying.
  • 47:24 Do companies need to have clear, transparent values to succeed in the future?
  • 59:57 It is still uncertain how all the innovations of the last decade will settle and affect companies future.
  • 1:03:37 The true place of growth is to figure out what mediums are genuinely going to help you business.
  • 1:12:09 What are the most important things individuals should focus on in growth wise?
  • 1:19:19 What do we do with all the people who will be replaced by machines an AI?
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