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Robert Nemlander is a serial entrepreneur, civil engineer, public speaker and a former astronaut candidate. He is co-founder of EntoCube, the award-winning Nordic leader in insect farming technologies and insect foods.

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How can we create sustainable nutrition in the Future?

In this Futurebuilders podcast together with Robert Nemlander and our daring host Teemu Uotila we will find out:

  • How can we create sustainable nutrition in the Future?
  • How to feed Earth and Mars?
  • How to be the change you want to see in the world?
Podcast highlights
  • 0:55 What are the key challenges on colonizing planet Mars? How is eating insects connected to colonizing Mars?
  • 4:12 How can we make insects a main street culinary phenomenon on Western world?
  • 5:20 How the crickets are actually farmed? Could insect farming be the answer to the problems agriculture will face because of the climate change?
  • 8:55 What does it take to become a insect farmer? Could I farm edible crickets at home?
  • 12:24 What are the nutritional values of crickets and how do you make food from insects? What is the vegetarian and vegan perspective on eating insects?
  • 15:07 ”My goal is to feed two planets, nothing less.”
  • 19:57 What does it take to create a stable food source to feed two planets?
  • 24:24 How many times do you have to fail to get something done right?
  • 27:39 Are venture capitalists interested about the alternative protein industry?
  • 29:09 ”Alternative proteins are a megatrend and inevitable part of our future.”
  • 30:59 ”Fundamental difference between US and Europe is that in US things are allowed until they are not and in Europe things are not allowed until they are.”
  • 34:07 ”Eating insects is forward looking opportunity, not a backward looking necessity.”
  • 35:50 How to get people try something they are afraid of?
  • 40:05 What would be the good consumer price that would encourage people to adapt insects on their diets?
  • 44:00 Could we battle the world hunger with new insect farming technology?
  • 50:15 What are the next edible insect products on market shelfs? Are we going to eat cricket candies soon?
  • 53:07 How much space does cricket farm need in Mars to feed for example 10 people?
  • 56:02 ”Edible insects are the missing piece to make Mars inhabitable.”
  • 1:03:20 ”You can not expect everyone to like everything, we all have our different favourite foods. We just want to provide this opportunity to have insects as a part of the diet.”
  • 1:07:18 What should people understand about insect farming for the sake of the future of humanity?
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