Sampo Hietanen | MaaS Global

CEO, founder

Sampo Hietanen is a pioneer and the author of the Mobility as a Service concept and experienced civil engineer who hopes to create a sustainable future.

He is the CEO and founder of the MaaS Global company. A company that is the world’s first ever mobility as a service operator. He’s also been involved in the international transportation industry businesses.

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What is the future of transportation?

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In this Futurebuilders podcast together with Sampo Hietanen and our daring host Teemu Uotila we will find out:

  • What is the future of transportation?
  • What environmental impacts does Mobility as a Service have?
  • Will automated vehicles shape how we use our time?
Podcast highlights
  • 01:46 Sampo Hietanen, what is your history before the Maas Global?
  • 04:37 Has it been a challenge to change people’s conception how they persuasive transportation?
  • 09:50 What is the essence of the freedom that people deserve?
  • 10:40 In the Whim application instead of a car, you have a garage and you can pick your dream car
  • 14:40 One of the most profound feeling people want to have, is the feeling of freedom to go places.
  • 17:01 How will transportation change in the future?
  • 19:20 There are not one winner in future transportation business
  • 22:01 Environmental impact of the Mobility as a Service
  • 27:14 Open eco system, the freedom of choices
  • 29:32 Is MaaS Global in the race against services like Über and Lyft?
  • 33:53 The future of automatic vehicles and how those will be used
  • 36:27 Where people can read more about MaaS Global and Whim application?

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