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Tomi Kaukinen is an entrepreneur, burnout survivor and a Keynote Speaker. He currently runs Licence to Fail service, a resource for a startup tips and tricks, in a addition sharing stories from the world of entrepreneurship. Check out Tomi’s website at:

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How to survive burnout?

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In this Futurebuilders podcast together with Tomi Kaukinen and our daring host Teemu Uotila we will find out:

  • How to recognize burnout?
  • How to survive burnout?
  • Maintaining balanced life
Podcast highlights and show notes
  • 01:08 Tomi tells about his background
  • 06:15 What you will learn while working in startup company
  • 09:49 When did you recognized that you reached the burnout point?
  • 13:07 Burnout patterns difference between women and men
  • 19:21 Serious situation on the Iron Man competition in Switzerland
  • 30:13 Second part of the burnout, people need something to do
  • 32:50 How people reacted when Tomi outed his burnout on social media
  • 34:07 Started doing speaker work as part of the therapy
  • 36:30 Importance of mindfulness practices
  • 43:17 Tomi talks about the recovery process
  • 46:01 Check out Tomi's website at, it's in Finnish, but Tomi does gigs in English also just send mail
  • 48:47 Book recommendation: Matthew Walked "Why We Sleep"

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