Teemu Uotila | VINCIT

Teemu Uotila, your host of the Futurebuilders podcast, is an enthusiastic future explorer working with Vincit, a Finnish tech company. Constantly reaching out new ideas and ways to improve the way we work and live, he’s found his passion in the happiness of people, futurism and technology.

On Futurebuilders podcast your daring host meets experts ready to be challenged but also capable of validating their views on a variety of matters. Teemu’s goal is to create a brighter future and he’s not afraid to dig in below the surface in order to find you solutions!

Vincit isn’t just another software company either. Thanks to hard and innovative work the company has been ranked first as the Best Workplaces in Europe in a competition organised by the Great Place to Work Institute (2016). Vincit has also been selected as the Best Workplace in Finland – three times (2014, 2015, 2016).

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